Early 2016 Book Report

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I must have set a personal record for how few books I’ve read this year so far. I’ve only read 13 books since the beginning of this year, and two of those were graphic novels. I just can't seem to finish anything I pick up lately. I find myself listlessly thumbing through new books and daydreaming about older comfort reads, but not able to finish them either.

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning. The 8th book in her Fever series. I vacillate between really liking and really disliking this book. Unlike most of her books it seemed as though nothing happened for a huge chunk of the book, and then there was a sudden cliffhanger ending. To be fair, these books are known for cliffhanger endings. But I can't remember feeling like any of the other books had chapters of narrative with nothing progressing plot-wise. On the other hand, the character development is fantastic.

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs. A re-read in preparation for the next book in the series which came out yesterday. I’ve been a fan of this series since the beginning, but this wasn't one of my favorite books in her series. Urban fantasy, 8th book in the series (with an additional four books in a spin-off series). One of the few series I recommend to people just coming in to the Urban Fantasy genre, begins with Moon Called which often goes on sale on kindle for $2-ish.

White Cat, Red Glove, and Black Heart by Holly Black. Fantastic books. They're YA, which made me hesitant to pick them up, but I am so glad I did. Cassel grows up believing he is the only non-magical person in his family of magical grifters and con artists. Over the course of the trilogy he learns otherwise, and has to come face-to-face with his con artist/grifting heritage. I love con artist/grifter movies, stories, shows, etc. mixing that and magic just makes my little heart sing.

Son of a grifter. Like I said before, I like reading/watching this sort of thing. This is a memoir about notorious mom-and-son grifter team, as told by the other brother. I found this book fascinating. It's hard to believe that they were able to get away with as much as they did for as long as they did.  

The complete photo guide to perfect fitting. This is a great sewing book, with pictures of different fitting problems and solutions to those problems. The only problem was I couldn’t find my fit problems addressed in the book.

The Colette sewing handbook by Sarai Mitnick. I’ve been reading Sarai’s blog for a very long time. I love her simple approaches and clear instructions. This book was surprisingly helpful for my fitting problem, even though I picked it up only to check out the sewing patterns.

Create the perfect fit by Joi Mahon. Still working through this book. Joi's method includes measuring out just about every measurable inch on a bodice and adjusting your flat pattern accordingly. She covers almost every possible problem you can have and how you would resolve it. I'm going to put it to use on my next two projects and see how it goes, but this may be a book I end up buying for reference.
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