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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

This is what one small part of a really good weekend looks like.

It was one of those rare weekends where things just seemed really good. Not to say we didn't have a few bumps here or there, but they were few and far between.

We spent Saturday day hosting a yard sale and having dinner with a neighbor and my best friend.

Sunday we went to breakfast, and even though I got a little queasy after eating too much eggs benedict we headed out to one of our favorite little hideaways and spent some really good quality family time.

Monday we spent the entire day at the bay with cousins and friends. It was the first time I've really, truly let go of schedules and didn't worry about naps (I knew going in we weren't going to nap unless the kids completely melted down). I let the kiddos eat what they wanted, when they wanted. I didn't worry about what they were doing (as long as they were in view), and it paid off with kids who mediated themselves and played nice the whole day.

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